In 2018, the warm and dry summer brought the grapes to an exceptional maturity. The wines are curently in the vats, they confirm that vintage 2018 will be great. The bottling will be made in a few months. You will be able to taste in 7 to 10 years.


     We are selling Vintage 2009. If you like mature champagne, we can try it with all your meals, even cheese (chaource, little ripened brie, comté,...).


      Our Brut Coiffe Blanche « Blanc de Noirs » got a star in the guide Hachette 2019. It's a champagne made only with Pinot Meunier.


     Our Brut Blanc de Blancs received a silver medal at the Concours des Vignerons Indépendants and is cited in the Guide Hachette 2019.


     In July, the 6th and 7th the Champagne producers in Crouttes sur Marne open their cellar to all kinds of artists. You will be able to meet these artists, to visit cellars and to tatste different champagnes. It's a Champagne and Art festival : Fine En Bulles.

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