It began in 1929 ...

For several generations, the Dérot and Delugny families have been growing vines on the Marne hills. In 1929, Philippe Dérot and Yvonne Delugny joined both names to create the brand Dérot-Delugny.


Philippe Dérot, who was a blacksmith farrier‘s son, also built vineyard ploughs. They were the first winemakers in Crouttes sur Marne to produce champagne in their cellar. It was a very small cellar rent in the village and it only allowed the winemaking and the Champagne making of a few thousand bottles. The quality of their champagne was immediately recognized. In 1933, they won a gold medal in Paris.


From 1933 to 1975


A life work ...

After  World War 2, Philippe Dérot also started to build high-clearance tractors for his vines which would be exploited later by his first son. At the same time, he developed the Champagne production with his second son.
In 1950, works started in the current cellar in order to keep the growing vineyard production. Each winter for around forty years, Bernard Dérot had been dug tunnels in the soil of the hill. These tunnels were perfectly adapted for the aging of the Champagne thanks to the natural climate of the subsoil.

Since 1975

the current generation ...

In 1975, François Dérot, Bernard’s son, joined the exploitation, and his son Laurent did so in 2010. The fourth generation works now at the domain to make a great quality champagne. A wine-tasting cellar has been built to welcome you in good conditions.


At the moment

Laurent Dérot, with his father help, takes care of the vines and produces the different cuvées.

Claire Dérot, the founders great grand daughter, welcomes you at the cellar to taste the champagne and answers at the phone and to your emails.