The cellar


Come and visit our cellar.

The cellar dug in the valley of the Marne hills is located at approximately 70 km from Paris. We welcome you there to order your champagne. If you ask for it, we will be happy to show you around. More than 100.00 bottles are ageing in our cellars.

  • guided tour of the cellar
  • champagne tasting
  • selling


A slow making

Each grape variety is pressed separately and the must (grape juice) so obtained ferments in our vats in order to produce a still white wine. These wines are clarified several times to eliminate the dregs. Before the bottling, we blend several wines from various years and various grapes in order to produce our cuvées. After the adding of liquor and yeasts, a long fermentation in bottles at low temperature will produce a fine and persistent mousse.


All these operations, as well as the wine tasting to follow its evolution, are carried out by ourselves. These Champagnes will age between 3 and 5 years in our cellars, and then, will be disgorged (removal of the deposit from the fermentation in the bottle) and stocked during a few months, before being labeled and put for sale.

An extraordinary place to visit